Birth, Childhood & Mahasamadhi


Our Guruji – Mahashiv

Our blissful Guruji is Supreme. The Almighty had descended on earth in the form of our Beloved Guruji, not very long ago.He was even with us a few years back. He is the divine incarnate who showered his heavenly aura.

He walks with his loving sangat hand in hand supporting each and everyone through their pain, pressure, sweat and tears. Blessed are many of us who had the opportunity to meet “The Lord Shiva”, “Our Guruji” in human form. Being the Lord Incarnate, Guruji drank most of the poison (hardships) of his devotees leaving them to deal with only a tiny part of it.This is our Guruji.

Spiritual Power

Guruji is Supreme Lord we cannot just define him by addressing him as Guruji only. He is the incandescent light that guides us through the dense path of life. The Darshan of Guruji mesmerizes devotees and calms their inner self. They forget all their hardships and hindrances and gain immense joy in his blissful presence. But we cannot meet him without his invite, no matter how much we try. When he invites you he will pull you towards him like a thread tied to your leg from wherever you may be.